AGS Shipping Europe N.V.

Iron & Steel

Our highly qualified team has over 25 years’ experience in handling steel cargoes, both imports and exports, in the port of Antwerp.

Our staff has experience in handling warm and cold rolled steel, beams, tubes (black and galvanized), profiles, wire rods, plates, coils (pre-painted, alu-zinc and galvanized) and round bars.

We handle over 250.000 tons of iron and steel on a yearly basis, shipped conventionally and in containers.

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We are experts in the stuffing and stripping of steel cargoes in containers and have a great reputation in the industry. We offer free storage of steel products for up to 4 weeks after arrival. After the free period, our costs are competitive. In our warehouse, trucks can be loaded or discharged until 18.00 hrs.

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AGS offers pre and on-carriage of steel products by truck, rail and Rhine barges at highly competitive rates.

All cargoes shipped on a “free out” basis to the port of Antwerp are controlled by AGS using an independent surveyor.

Should any claim occur, AGS will, of course, assist its customers.


Persons in charge

Mr. Wim Verbeeck, +32 (0) 3 540 0551
Mr. Jerry Smits, +32 (0) 3 540 0554